Frequently Asked Questions

Service Orders
Where do I report an emergency?
If you have a facility emergency, please call the DPW Work Control Desk at 706-545-2135.
A service order includes minor maintenance and repair of Real Property in facilities. Following are examples of typical service orders: loss of heating or air conditioning, clogged toilets/sinks, leaking pipes, malfunctioning fire alarms, broken doors/windows/locks, potholes in the road, inoperable exterior building light or streetlight, damaged signs, inoperable light switches/outlets, roof leaks, etc.
Service orders cannot be used to repair items that are not Real Property as defined by the Army. Following are examples of items that are not considered Real Property: microwave ovens, televisions, blackboards, clocks, furniture, lawnmowers, bushes/landscaping, etc.
Service order requires less than 32 hours of work and the cost of service order may not exceed $2,500. Work that exceeds these amounts or new work (such as re-painting offices/buildings/sheds/handrails or the installation of additional electrical receptacles versus the repair of existing receptacles) must be submitted by an authorized building representative on the DA 4283 form. The DA 4283 form can be obtained on this website or by visiting Building 470.
Yes. Click on the "Service Order Status" button in the Service Order Section of the Home Page. You must have the ArMA Case Number or the Service Order Number that you were given over the phone or that you received in a return email after your request was submitted via this site/app. If your inquiry does not return a status, please check with the Work Control Desk at 706-545-2135 for your current status.
After you submit your service order on this site, you will normally receive an e-mail within one business day with your service order number.
Yes. Click here to access the customer feedback form.
Form 4283
A DA Form 4283 is an official Department of the Army Facilities Engineering Work Request Form.
Yes. This website/application accepts 4283 information online. You can also track all your 4283 submittals online as well.
You must be registered on the Fort Moore Work Request app.
Please contact the IJO Admin department at 706-545-6010.
You must know your customer ID, building number and next available document serial number.
Contact your battalion S-4 or Brigade S-4 for this information. If unsuccessful, please contact DPW O&M Division at 706-545-2200.
Yes, as long as you have the required information as noted above.
Once a work request is submitted, the IJO Admin office will process. A hard copy will be printed out and sent to building 6, DPW O&M Division for further review.
The DPW O&M Division will review and or approve your request.
No, however, customer inputs a “need date” in the work description of the DA Form 4283.
You can indicate this on the work request. Be sure to contact our office at 706-545-6010 upon submission.
Status Checks for 4283s are available online by choosing the Check 4283 Status button and entering the Job Order Number or the Document Serial Number.
  • ROM1 – rough order of magnitude (this is the initial status for all submittals)
  • GVR – government review (work order is being reviewed by the government)
  • EST – estimate (work request is approved for an estimate ONLY)
  • APPR – Approved (work request is approved for execution)
  • INPRG – In progress (work request is in progress)
  • DEF – Deferred (work request has been put on hold)
  • CAN – Cancelled (work request is cancelled) for additional information regarding this status call 706-545-6010.
  • COMP – Completed (work request has been completed)
A service order is anything that’s routine repair and uncostly (under $2500). A 4283 is new work or exceeds the $2500 threshold.
DPW O&M Division will determine how the work will be performed.
Please check your internet browser. If the problem persists, call 706-545-6010 for assistance.
Contact the IJO Admin department at 706-545-6010. (Change needs to be done in writing or in person)
Yes, please call the IJO Admin office at 706-545-6010 to cancel. You will not be able to cancel through the web app.